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Kaipaki Petting Farm Disclaimer 


Kaipaki petting farm disclaims all liability for any accidental, unintentional, careless, negligent, intentional, or reckless action, caused by person, equipment, animal, environment or other, resulting in loss, damage, injury, illness, disability or death to any visitor, person, vehicle or property.

   Management have done everything within their powers to ensure your safety.

   You must do your part by:  

  • Understand that we are in the presence of live animals and sometimes their actions or behaviours can be unpredictable and incidents can occur

  • Listen and abide to all instruction from staff members and guidance from volunteers

  • If you do not understand anything or have any questions at any time, please seek clarification from staff

  • Keep to all allocated pathways, wear appropriate clothing for the weather and appropriate and safe footwear

  • Understand we are a farm, exposed to outdoor elements, please be aware of uneven, unstable, pot holed, sinking, wet, muddy, slippery, undulating, steep ground surfaces etc

  • Do not enter prohibited areas

  • If you enter through a closed gate, close them behind you

  • Do not access or climb onto any equipment unauthorised by a staff member

  • Do not feed any animals in any area with a “Do not feed me” sign. Only use our specialised feed to feed the animals, unless authorised otherwise by a staff member and in their presence

  • Please utilise the multiple areas of hand washing facilities to reduce the spread of germs, illness, disease upon entry and exit

  • Adults are solely responsible for any child in their care at all times

  • Pregnant women should avoid any contact with animals

  • Should you see anything you deem to be unsafe in any way, or any incidents occur, please advise staff immediately

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